Innovative material 


Feltwood is a new material with excellent technical characteristics and absolutely respectful with people and the environment.

A material, durable, versatile, biodegradable and sustainable. An ecological alternative to polluting materials. Quality at a competitive cost.




Feltwood has optimum characteristics.

It has a soft touch like wood and it is shatterproof.

It is three times harder than wood and it is fire resistant.

It can be molded.That allows a variety of forms, with great accuracy and complexity.



Feltwood is made of  food unfit agricultural crop residues.


No need to cut down trees or new crops.

Made of 100% vegetable fibers. It is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.





Other materials contain environmentally toxic components such as adhesives, binders or plastics hazardous to health and environment.

Feltwood only contains renewable raw materials. It replaces non-biodegradable materials that pollute the environment. It is recycled without any loss of quality. It reduces the carbon footprint.



As plastic, Feltwood can be molded. It can be formed for different types of products. As wood, Feltwood can be painted, mechanized, cutted, stained both mass and in surface...

 It is highly resistant what allows to obtain lasting and suitable products for many types of applications.

It is a very versatile material with applications in different types of industries. For example, furniture, computer parts, automobile panels, boards, sports equipment, musical instruments, toys ... 





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